Once-daily dosing for adults with tardive dyskinesia

See how convenient it can be for your patients to start treatment with INGREZZA


The only VMAT2 inhibitor that offers the ease of one capsule, once daily

VMAT2, vesicular monoamine transporter 2.


Two dosing options that work


Not actual size.

Once-daily dosing for TD that you can add to your patients’ stable antipsychotic regimen.
Only INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules.

  • Initial dosage of INGREZZA is 40 mg once daily for one week1,2
  • After the first week, 80 mg is recommended once daily, but remaining on 40 mg may be appropriate
    for some patients1-4
  • Maintain or adjust back to 40 mg based on your patient's individual treatment needs,
    response, or tolerability1-4
  • In clinical trials, investigators could decrease the 80 mg dose once at any time during the study due
    to tolerability; participants were discontinued if the new dose was not tolerated2-4

INGREZZA can be taken with or without food.1

Reduce tardive dyskinesia (TD) severity at 6 weeks, with results you can start to see as early as 2 weeks.1,2,5

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