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Patient Support Program

The INBRACE® Support Program offers support designed to help patients who are prescribed INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules

From financial assistance to prescription fulfillment and product support, the program assists your patients and their caregivers—so they can focus on treatment goals.

Accessible and affordable for your patients

There are a variety of financial assistance programs to help your patients fill their prescriptions for INGREZZA.

  • INGREZZA has broad Medicare Part D coverage
  • Most patients pay less than $10 in out-of-pocket cost for INGREZZA

Eligible patients may qualify for a $0 copay on their INGREZZA prescriptiona

Access the INGREZZA Savings Program

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You can also call 84-INGREZZA
(844-647-3992), 8 am – 8 pm ET, M – F

Not an actual patient
  • aThis offer is valid only for patients who have commercial (nongovernment-funded) insurance. Additional terms and conditions apply.
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INGREZZA resources

Downloadable resources for you and your patients

  • INGREZZA valbenazine Prescribing Information

    Prescribing Information

    Important details about INGREZZA

  • INGREZZA valbenazine Physician brochure

    Physician brochure

    Information about TD and INGREZZA for healthcare professionals

  • INGREZZA valbenazine Patient brochure

    Patient brochure

    A brief overview of INGREZZA for patients

  • INGREZZA valbenazine Folleto para pacientes en Espanol

    El folleto para pacientes (en Español)

    El folleto de INGREZZA para pacientes

Online resource

  • INGREZZA valbenazine Patient website

    INGREZZA patient website

    An informative online resource

  • Register for INGREZZA Insider

    Exclusive content

    Become an INGREZZA Insider to get tardive dyskinesia (TD) screening videos, clinical challenges, and more

Video library

Video library

Featured Expert: Bryce Reynolds, MD

Using motivational interviewing can have a big impact with adult patients considering treatment options for their TD

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Expert perspectives

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    Expert video: Motivational interviewing to talk about tardive dyskinesia (TD)
    Using motivational interviewing to talk about tardive dyskinesia (TD)
    Bryce Reynolds, MD

    Many patients with TD are unaware of their abnormal involuntary movements. Bryce Reynolds, MD, shares an established technique called motivational interviewing—an evidence-based practice that can lead to more productive conversations with patients.

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    Expert video: Changing mindsets and behaviors for better tardive dyskinesia (TD) assessments
    Changing mindsets and behaviors for better tardive dyskinesia (TD) assessments
    Bryce Reynolds, MD

    Who in your practice has a role in identifying the abnormal involuntary movements of TD? Bryce Reynolds, MD, shares techniques to help assess for and address the involuntary movements of TD. He advocates a team-based approach.

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    Expert video: Tardive dyskinesia (TD) case study: John, living with paranoid schizophrenia
    Tardive dyskinesia (TD) case study: John, living with paranoid schizophrenia
    Amy LaCouture, PMHNP-BC

    A case study of John, a patient in his late 50s living with paranoid schizophrenia and exhibiting abnormal involuntary movements. Amy LaCouture, PMHNP-BC, reports on John’s diagnosis of TD and subsequent treatment with INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules, which reduced the severity of his TD movements.

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    Expert video: Why I choose INGREZZA for adults with tardive dyskinesia
    Why I choose INGREZZA for adults with tardive dyskinesia (TD)
    Amy LaCouture, PMHNP-BC

    Amy LaCouture, PMHNP-BC, explains why she chooses INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules for her adult patients with TD. She details the efficacy and safety results from the INGREZZA clinical trials, and explains the convenient dosing schedule.

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    Expert video: The impact and importance of regular screening for tardive dyskinesia
    The impact and importance of regular screening
    Andrew Cutler, MD

    Abnormal involuntary movements remain a challenge for patients receiving antipsychotic therapy. Watch for a deeper understanding of the challenges of TD, the importance of regular screening, and the results of RE-KINECT, the largest real-world dyskinesia screening study of its kind.

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    Expert video: Conducting tardive dyskinesia assessments
    Quick tardive dyskinesia (TD) assessment for your practice
    Pinkie Fitts, MHNP

    Regular assessments for TD are critical, even when time is limited. Fortunately, TD assessments can be conducted without interfering with your psychiatric evaluations. Get tips on how to incorporate quick, regular TD assessments into your practice from Pinkie Fitts, MHNP.

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    Expert video: tardive dyskinesia vs acute extrapyramidal symptoms
    Keys to differentiating tardive dyskinesia (TD) from acute extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS)
    Laxman Bahroo, DO

    Tardive dyskinesia (TD) and acute extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) are involuntary, drug-induced movement disorders that may be challenging to differentiate. Because different approaches are required to manage TD and acute EPS, it is critical to be able to tell the difference. Review the distinctions with Laxman Bahroo, DO.

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INGREZZA mechanism of action

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    Mechanism of action video INGREZZA valbenazine inhibits VMAT2
    How INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules is thought to work
    Mechanism of action

    Learn about how INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules is thought to work by selectively inhibiting vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) in adult patients with tardive dyskinesia (TD).

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